Jam Fish Releases New Single 'The Hermit's Red Balloon'

"Like an aural Adventure Time Episode" 'The Hermit's Red Balloon' take's you on an alt-rock journey. This song portrays the story of someone trying to save the unsavable only to find out it was them who needed saving. This is the first song by Jam Fish to be released into the streaming world and will be available on all platforms 14/08/20. 

Bursting with omega-3 and a sugary after taste, Jam Fish is ready to feed some nutritious sounds straight into your ear holes. Listening to his music you can expect energy, emotion, toast and a bit of DIY. A seasoned performer as the drummer/key’s player for Wellington rock band ‘Pale Lady’, Jam Fish now brings forth his solo project, giving you a look into the mind of the provider of jams.

You can currently check out the song via the links below:

'The Hermit's Red Balloon' - YouTube

'The Hermit's Red Balloon' - Soundcloud

Contact/press inquiries:



Sam Higham - 0278440648


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